Deputy speaker Ajith Rajapaksa says he is prepared to give up all his positions on behalf of the people if the government fails to mediate in resolving their issues.

He has told Neth FM’s ‘Rathu Katta’ programme that he would take a political decision if no solution is given for the water issue of Walawa farmers.


Releasing water further restricted


Releasing water from Udawalawa reservoir has been further restricted due to low water levels that prevail with the drought.

Engineer-in-charge Sujeewa Gunasekara said the reservoir’s active operations efficiency has now dropped to 0.9 per cent, allowing for just a 350 cubic feet release per second.

That is wholly inadequate to do farming, he said, for which the minimum requirement is 750 cubic feet per second.

South and left canals are presently releasing water for drinking purposes only.


What Amaraweera says


More than 70 pc of crops are in danger of ruin if Udawalawa farmers are not released with water from Samanala Wewa immediately, said agriculture minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

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He was speaking to Neth News.


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