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United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader, Minister Sajith Premadasa says that maximum power devolution within a united and indivisible state would resolve the issues faced by the country and bring about political, economic and social empowerment.

Premadasa made this observation while addressing a media briefing in Jaffna after attending the Enterprise Sri Lanka national exhibition yesterday (9).

Premadasa was the chief guest at the Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibition yesterday.

He noted that maximum devolution was the only solution.

Referring to the provincial council system set up under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, Premadasa said that no action was taken in the past to strengthen the provincial councils.

He further noted that the Provincial Councils were not allocated the required funds and the institutions under its purview were unable to function as a result and have become somewhat a joke.
“We will not do that. We will ensure that the Provincial Councils set up under the 13th Amendment will be allocated the required funds and give our blessings and patronage. We hope to build a productive service that would serve the public through the Provincial Council system as well,” Premadasa said.

“I’m not a leader who becomes plus when overseas and changes it to negative after returning to the country. I don’t have such double talk,” Premadasa said.

He also said that the UNP is a democratic party and not the fiefdom of any individual or family.