The Senehasa Social Security Programme, a brainchild of Galle district secretary Shantha Weerasinghe, has received the fullest support of the NGO Secretariat.

Director general of the Secretariat Sanjeewa Wimalagunaratne and district secretary Weerasinghe chaired a meeting of the Galle’s NGOs coordinating committee on Thursday (26) with the aim of receiving the help of more than 50 NGOs operating in the district for the programme.

On the occasion, the NGOs agreed to support people’s empowerment efforts worth Rs. 1,046 million for this year, with the district secretary saying the social security net would cover all the needy through a proper identification process.


A total of 12,935 low income earners in the district will benefit from a major plan to be formulated in collaboration with economic revival committees for their food security, nutrition and education development, Weerasinghe said further.


The NGOs extended their fullest support in this regard, with director general Wimalagunaratne stressing the need to act swiftly in consideration of the prevailing socio-economic crisis to achieve the sustainable development goals.

He commended the Senehasa Social Security Programme as an endeavour in the right direction.

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