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Jordanian police had fired tear gas at a group of Sri Lankan migrant workers stranded in Jordan due to unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
A tense situation arose yesterday (27), when the migrant workers could not get a definitive solution to their problems from the officials of the Sri Lankan embassy. The migrant workers say that they have been forced out of employment and have been stranded in Jordan with the Sri Lankan mission failing to take steps to send them back home. 

The tear gas attack took place close to an industrial site in the city of Al-Karak where nearly 500 Sri Lankans have already lost their jobs.

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment said it was paying special attention to the plight of all Sri Lankans in Jordan.

However, the Sri Lankan workers in Jordan who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic say that they have been stranded for months with no hope of being repatriated.