The Attorney of the Director General of the State Intelligence Service (SIS), Major General Suresh Sallay,

has unleashed a blistering counterattack against Father Rohan Silva, Executive Director of the Center for Society & Religion (CSR).

This comes after Father Silva made shocking and unfounded allegations against Major General Sallay during a recent press conference.

In a letter of demand, the attorney representing Major General Suresh Sallay, requested a staggering sum of Fifty Million Rupees to compensate for the damage inflicted by Father Rohan Silva’s defamatory remarks.

The letter, which a copy has been obtained by the Sri Lanka Guardian, categorically refutes Father Silva’s allegations.

It states, “I am instructed to vehemently deny your allegation that my client has in any capacity communicated or met the individual named Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zahran at any given point of time.”

Furthermore, the letter emphatically denies any claims of financial aid or support provided by Major General Sallay to Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan or any of his associates or organizations.

It firmly declares, “I am instructed to vehemently deny your allegation that my client has at some point provided financial aid or any other form of support to the individual named Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan and/or any one of his followers and/or any such organization he was involved in.”

Major General Suresh Sallay’s attorney is uncompromising in her stance, describing Father Silva’s statements as “absolutely False, Malicious, and outright Defamatory.”

She further asserts that these allegations are based on “unsubstantiated, distorted, and manipulated facts” that aim to tarnish Major General Sallay’s reputation.

The letter debunks Father Silva’s attempts to link Major General Sallay to individuals and incidents in Sri Lanka, emphasizing that Sallay was either based overseas or employed elsewhere during those times.

These malicious allegations have harmed Major General Sallay’s reputation and caused him considerable distress, leading to an estimated damage claim of Rs. 50,000,000/- (Fifty Million Rupees).

The Attorney’s letter concludes, stating, “Should you fail to comply with this demand, please take note that I have further instructions to institute legal proceedings against you in an appropriate Court of Law for the recovery of the said damages with the legal interest and the cost of litigation without any further notice to you.”

Meanwhile, insiders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General Department have raised concerns about a sophisticated plot aimed at tarnishing Sri Lanka’s reputation and defaming individuals in high-ranking positions.

It is believed that a group of individuals, seeking asylum in Western countries, is actively engaged in propagating falsehoods, ignoring facts and figures, and spreading unproven allegations to further their own hidden agendas.

A senior official from the Attorney General Department commented, “These individuals are weaving conspiracy theories reminiscent of the East bombings, aiming to achieve several ulterior motives.”

As a response to this, it has become the responsibility of Sri Lankan missions abroad to disseminate accurate information based on facts and figures to counter these baseless allegations and protect the nation’s image.

It is worth mentioning that a similar type of litigation is currently in progress in a court of law against Reverend Father Cyril Gamini Fernando for his defamatory remarks against Major General Sallay.

It has been reported that Father Fernando claimed his remarks were based on reports published on a website, but he lacks any evidence to support his claims. Nevertheless, due process is ongoing.


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