The involvement of a notorious foreign firm as a bidder for the digital identity card tender has endangered the security and authority of citizens’ data, said NPP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Speaking in parliament yesterday (11), he raised a point of order as per Standing Orders 27(2).

Dissanayake questioned the repeated changes in the closing date for the tender, as an attempt to target a particular bidder.

One of the bidders, Security Printers Company, had previously caused billions of rupees of losses to Sri Lanka, said the NPP leader.

He added that it had been blacklisted by several countries over questionable deals.



Quoting the justice minister, Dissanayake said this same company caused Rs. 60,000 million in losses to Sri Lanka from the tender in 2016 to print safety stickers for alcohol bottles.



State Minister Kanaka Herath


Responding, state minister Kanaka Herath rejected the allegations, and said there would be no impact or outsider access to citizens’ data, all of which would be protected by law.

He said no bidder had been preferentially treated by a change in the closing date.


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