The All Ceylon Communication Owners' Association (ACCOA) said they are unable to pass on the benefits of the appreciation of the rupee against the US dollar through the sale of mobile phones and accessories.

ACCOA Chairman Indrajith Perera said that they are yet to receive anything at lower prices.

The government had announced that the benefit of the appreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee would be passed on to the people, but still, there have been no price reductions on any mobile phones, accessories, or even photocopy paper.

"The basic mobile phone, which was earlier sold for Rs. 1,500 is still in the range of Rs. 4,500. Even though the US dollar rate has decreased, we have still not received any relief," he said.

“Even though the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has relaxed several conditions on the opening of letters of credit (LCs), we do not receive any relief from large-scale importers. As small-scale businessmen, we still have to buy goods from them,” Perera said.

The ACCOA claimed that large-scale importers have not received any relief after the decrease of the dollar rate and hence they are unable to grant any concessions to small-scale sellers.

Therefore, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) or the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) must intervene and regulate these issues, added Perara.

"Even though the import of mobile phones has been restricted, various other doors have been opened to bring in phones into the country. However, these mobile phones are sold at exorbitant prices in the retail market," lamented Indrajith Perera.


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