Violators of recommendations given by the Human Rights Commission (HRCSL) cannot be taken to courts, human rights lawyer Pratibha Mahanamahewa said.

His comment comes as the HRCSL has summoned public security minister Tiran Alles tomorrow (13) for a hearing.

It is alleged the chairperson of the commission has unilaterally decided to summon the minister to question him with regard to recent police crackdowns against protestors.

The four remaining members claimed they were not party to the decision.



One member, Dr. Vijitha Nanayakkara, has told ‘Mawbima' that the HRCSL’s media officer should be asked to explain how a statement has been issued without their knowledge.

The commission has not met since February 28, and member Dr. Nimal Karunasiri said the summoning order was taken by the chairperson on her own although she is without any executive powers to do so.

The signatory to the statement is the person who should make an explanation, he said.

Another member Ven. Kalupahane Piyananda Thera said he is presently in Thailand and was unaware of the order for the summons issued to the minister.

Member Anusuya Shanmuganathan too, distanced herself from the matter, saying she is on medical leave for two weeks now.


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