Trade unions are staging a countrywide one-day strike tomorrow (01), which they have declared as a day of national protest against the government tax policy.

More than 100 TUs are taking part, said Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) spokesman Dr. Chamil Wijesinghe, adding that his association will decide its own action at a meeting today.

The fight will continue until the government withdraws its tax policy, he said.

Leader of port workers union Prasanna Kalutarage said petroleum, electricity TUs too, would take part in the work stoppage.

Stronger measures will be taken if the government disregards their call, said bank employees union chief Channa Dissanayake.

Also involved in the action are university lecturers.


Strike planned by those who earn high salaries!


Meanwhile, a senior official of the Ministry of Finance said those planning the strike are professionals who earn a monthly salary of more than Rs. 200,000.

A vast majority of state sector employees are largely unaffected by the new taxes as their salary is less than Rs. 50,000, he claimed.

Salaries of even the top administrative officials such as ministry secretaries and district secretaries do not exceed Rs. 100,000, he added.



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