The impact of a major earthquake in India’s Himalayan region will be felt in Sri Lanka, said senior geologist Dr. Athula Senaratne.

Indian scientists warn the region is highly vulnerable to tremors and the strong possibility of a major earthquake is always there.

If a quake measuring eight on the Richter Scale happens, Colombo and Jaffna will especially feel the aftereffects, said Prof. Senaratne.

Around two years ago, one that with a magnitude of five in the Himalayan region was felt in Colombo, he noted.

He advised people to go outdoors immediately and gather in a flat area without remaining indoors if there are signs of an earthquake.

Meanwhile, acting director general of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau Janaka Ajithprema said it could not be said for certain if a major earthquake could happen.


What Indian geologists say


Indian scientist Dr. N. Purnachandra Rao has said a “great earthquake” is inevitable in the Uttarakhand region as a lot of stress is building up beneath the surface.

However, one cannot predict the date or time of the earthquake, he said.

The magnitude of the disaster may depend on several factors like geographic area, population, construction quality and others.

Dr. Rao also stated that an earthquake similar to magnitude of that like in Turkey is likely to occur but one cannot predict the exact date and time.

Last year, scientists said there is a strong possibility of a major earthquake in the Himalayan region.

Senior geophysicist of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Ajay Paul said the Himalayas have come into existence as a result of a collision between Indian and Eurasian plates.

The warning comes in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that rattled Turkey and Syria claiming over 47,000 lives and leaving millions homeless.

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