Even as a political debate on with regard to a full enforcement of the 13th amendment to the constitution, SLPP MP Namal Rajapaksa is planning to bring in a 22nd amendment as well, according to party sources.

The MP has told his close associates that he has submitted a related plan to a commission on policies.

Also, he is consulting constitutional experts with regard to his proposal.

At SLPP meetings, Rajapaksa has strongly criticized the president’s statement about fully implementing the 13th amendment, said the sources.

Meanwhile, MP Prof. Charitha Herath, a member of the Dullas Alahapperuma faction, has spoken in support of the president’s suggestion.

He noted that his view was different to that of a majority in his group, who claim the president is without a public mandate to do so.

Herath said the 13th amendment should be implemented and a dialogue initiated together with the Tamil people to develop the country.

He compared it favourably with the development achieved by India through devolving powers amongst its various communities.



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