The many irregularities that have taken place in the Liberal Democratic Party since its takeover by K.S.T. Perera, a businessman crony of SLPP national organizer Basil Rajapaksa, are now coming to light.

A majority of the party’s national committee has petitioned the Election Commission against the appointments made at its annual general meeting.


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Prof. Anura Kumara Uthumange


It has been signed by 11 out of the 14 members, including Prof. Anura Kumara Uthumange and Lacille de Silva.

Seven of the appointees including the chairman, general secretary and treasurer had only their party membership applications submitted to the AGM by K.S.T. Perera.

Their memberships should have been accepted at the next meeting of the national committee, which had not been done.

At the same time, their membership fees had been credited to the party account outside the procedures, said the complaint.

The appointments are illegal and against the party’s constitution, it said further.

The brother-in-law of K.S.T. Perera was appointed the chairman and Amal Randeniya as the general secretary among the appointments.

K.S.T. Perera, who bought the party, faces numerous other allegations too, including the illegal filling of land in the Muthurajawela reserve.

The complaint requests the Election Commission to order the party to convene an extraordinary general meeting to resolve the matters.



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