Sri Lanka Football (FSL) is in anarchy due to its not having a proper team of office-bearers, JJB leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake charged in parliament today (05).

Dissanayake brought the attention of the House to the longstanding unresolved irregularities and corruption in the local football governing body.

“As per the FSL’s constitution, its office-bearers should be elected at annual elections. However, it is in chaos now due to its functions continuing without an election being held,” he said.

The JJB leader said the sports minister issued three extraordinary gazettes that were contradictory to each other for holding of an election within three different time limits.



Dissanayake also posed three questions to sports minister Roshan Ranasinghe to answer:

1. What is the timeframe for holding an election and electing new office-bearers for FSL?

2. Will there be an investigation into corruption and irregularities alleged in FSL and member associations informed about a conclusion before holding the election?

3. What are the steps that will be taken to prevent disorder in FSL until such time an election is held and new office-bearers elected properly?

Watch the video given below for the ensuing dialogue:



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