The petitioners and the Ministry of Sports agreed to resolve a dispute in the local football governing body when the Court of Appeal took up a related case for hearing today (04).

It has been filed by the president and the secretary of Football Sri Lanka (FSL).

The two sides agreed that until such time an early election is held to elect office-bearers, a five-member management committee will supervise FSL’s day-to-day affairs and grant approval for matters of finance.

To be appointed by the minister of sports, this committee will consist of a retired High Court or Supreme Court judge, FSL president Jaswar Umar, treasurer A.F. Seller and an accountant and an administrative officer nominated by the minister.

The date for the election of office-bearers will be decided when the court takes up the case again in a week’s time.

The minister may appoint an election committee from six names approved by the members of FSL at its extraordinary general meeting held on September 22.


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