A remark by the late Mangala Samaraweera is going viral in social media.

In the video, the late politician urges adults to give mental strength to the younger generation to be straightforward in life.

“I don’t like it when you children worship politicians. Children are this country’s future. They should keep their spine upright and live. Therefore, do not worship politicians ever again,” he had told a function at St. Thomas Girls’ High School in Matara.



This video assumed a special significance on Saturday (01) which is the international day for both children and adults.

Despite the state and private sectors organising various programmes for children on this day, their impact is not much felt in matters crucial for children, experts say.

Hunger among schoolchildren, child malnutrition, toxic-contaminated children’s nutritional supplements and other serious matters go unnoticed by state authorities.

The private sector has its commercial and publicity objectives when it organizes programmes for children.

The Radical Centre has posted a video on social media with regard to these burning children’s issues:



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