The Army-groomed sportsmen and sportswomen who shone distinctively in the field of international sports were invited yesterday (20) to the Commander’s office at the Army HQ to receive appreciative compliments and cash incentives.

Among the international sportsmen and women were Sergeant M.M Theekshana, the widely known Sri Lankan cricket player of the Army who is a member of the Sri Lankan Cricket team who won the Asia Cup Championship - 2022, Corporal T.T Algama, Corporal K.B.Y De Silva and Corporal M.A.I.J Perera, all of them in the Sri Lankan National Netball team who won the Asian Netball Championship - 2022 and the Bodybuilder, Corporal R.A.D.P Rajapaksha who won the Bronze Medal in the Asian Bodybuilding Championship - 2022.

Commending on their achievements, Army Commander Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage Chief instructed respective authorities to promote the above achievers in rank in an attempt to stimulate them further as well as in recognition of their achievements.

Accordingly, Private M.M Theekshana was elevated to the rank of Sergeant, Private T.T Algama, to the rank of Corporal, Private K.B.Y De Silva to the rank of Corporal and Private M.A.I.J Perera to the rank of Corporal during the same occasion.

The Army Commander also awarded financial incentives to Sergeant M.M Theekshana, Netball Team Members and Bodybuilder Lance Corporal R.A.D.P Rajapaksha extending his best wishes for their future.


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