A return by former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa to Sri Lanka is yet to be confirmed, his private secretary Sugiswara Bandara has told Neth News.

The ex-leader will arrive on the 24th, former ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunga told journalists yesterday (17) after giving a statement to the CID in connection with the infamous MiG deal.

Rajapaksa, together with his wife and two bodyguards, left for the Maldives by an Air Force plane on July 13, four days after he fled President’s House in the face of strong public outcry.

On the following day, he boarded a Saudi flight and landed in Singapore where he stayed for nearly one month, before departing on August 11 for Thailand where he stays at present.

He had originally decided to remain in Thailand until November, but has now decided to return home on August 25, according to ‘Daily Mirror’.


Has he applied for a Green Card?


The newspaper has also reported that he has applied for a Green Card to live in the US.

His lawyers in the US have been working since last month to secure a Green Card for him, with his wife still a citizen of that country.

However, Bandara has rejected these reports.