The Indian Government donated a large consignment of drugs and other medical supplies to Sri Lanka as the crisis-hit country's healthcare system teeters on the edge of collapse amid shortages of essential life saving medications.

The medical supplies were handed over to Health Minister Channa Jayasumana by Indian High Commissioner Gopal Bagley today (29) in response to a request from Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya.

"More medical consignments in response to specific requests by various medical entities operating in all parts of Sri Lanka are also being scheduled from India. In addition, USD 200 million has been earmarked for the supply of medical supplies under the USD 1 billion credit line for essential commodities like food, medicine etc.," a statement by the Indian High Commission said.

India has been extending expeditious support to Sri Lanka in the recent past. Overall economic assistance which stands close to USD 3 billion in 2022 alone has been of various kinds – USD 1 billion credit line for essentials; USD 500 million credit line for purchase of petroleum products; USD 400 million bilateral currency swap; and over USD 1 billion under the Asian Clearing Union Framework. The USD 1 billion credit line is operational and 16,000 MT of rice has already reached Sri Lanka, inter alia other items, under this credit line.


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