At a Party Leader’s meeting which had been convened today (20) on the urging of Ranil Wickremesinghe, the former Prime Minister called for an immediate resolution to the ongoing crisis in the country.

The former Prime Minister pointed out that following the shooting of protesters in Rambukkana, the situation in the country was reaching boiling point. He warned that unless solutions to the demands of the people were provided, the situation would further deteriorate.

Commenting on the political crisis in the country, the former Prime Minister stated that the Opposition Parties had made their stance clear that they would not work with a Government that was led by the President.

He called upon the Party Leaders of the Governing Alliance, as well as those who recently left the Government, to also make clear their stance on the political impasse.

He added that the Party Leaders must meet and come to a final decision on the crisis, and that Parliament must take control of the situation in the country and provide relief to the public.