The United National Party today (23) met with the election commission to discuss the reduction in the number of new voters who have been registered.

According to statistics, less than 50% of new voters have been able to register on the electoral list. The UNP had raised this issue with the Election Commission and a solution was requested.

UNP Youth Front and Working Committee members Dinouk Colombage and Shehara Herath together with General-Secretary Palitha Range Bandara represented the party at the discussion held at the election commision.

Commenting further on a growing issue faced by the youth of the country, Dinouk Colombage said:

According to the 2021 electoral list, there are less than 50% of new voters being registered on the electoral list. This is due to an absence of physical registration and an over-reliance on digital registration.


While we welcome the digitisation of the registration process, there must be alternatives to ensure that no citizen is prevented from registering to vote.


The youth are frustrated with the current leadership in the country and are looking for alternatives, it is a crime to deprive them of the opportunity to have their voices heard at an election.

Therefore, we urge the election commission and the government to ensure that this issue is rectified immediately."