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The Sri Lanka Navy is being accused of attempting to forcefully obtain the land of an elderly Tamil woman in the North.

According to regional correspondants however the attempt was thwarted by residents in the area.

The incident took place in Madagal this week when surveyors called in by the Navy had attempted to carry out a survey of a half an acre of land belonging to an elderly woman in the area. However they had to abandon their survey work in the face of strong public opposition.

On the same day, attempts had been made to survey an acre of land in the Madagala West area in Jaffna leading to more protests led by the politicians and people of the area.

The Navy has been accused of continuous attempts to grab private land in the North in recent times.


Attempt to occupy a General Cemetery


According to residents, on 17 November, the Navy had attempted to acquire land amounting to nearly a hectare on which there was a public cemetery.

The children's cemetery that belonged to it has already been taken over by the army, sources said, adding that similar land grabbing attempts had been made in 2020.


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