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Veteran artiste Lakshman Wijesekara has passed away today (12).

He was 73 years at the time of his demise.

His most popular tracks included Bala Lamawarune, Dalwu Pahan, Athide Athi Satiyen, Sina Pipena, Supem Hangum, Oba Mata Tharuwaki and Sanda Kinithi Nemi.

He also worked as the music director of teledrama's such as VIlambeetha, Dangayanta Pamanai and Tikiri Saha Ungi.

His remains will lie at his residence in Kala Puraya in Mount Lavinia tomorrow (13) for the public to pay their final respects.

Final rites will be held on Sunday (14) at the Mount Lavinia public cemetery.