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The controversial Chinese fertilizer ship ‘Hippo Spirit’ has re-entered Sri Lankan waters according to Marine traffic websites. The ship had been turned away previously following

tests that revealed the fertilizer on board was infested with harmful bacteria.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Media Unit has issued a statement admitting that Prime Minister’s Secretary Gamini Sedara Senaratne is in fact related to a director of the fertilizer importer’s local agent. However, the statement said Senaratne is not involved in any business dealings of the local agent.

Senaratne said he has not intervened in any business transaction of the company. Senaratne has also expressed his willingness to be investigated if any proof is presented to prove otherwise.

The Prime Minister's Media Unit has made this announcement in response to allegations made by a number of parties directly and indirectly against the Prime Minister's Secretary regarding the importation of organic fertilizer.