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The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) has warned that the irresponsible and complacent attitude displayed by certain sections of the general public, especially after the government had eased many stringent Covid-19 health regulations, could inevitably lead to another surge of the coronavirus.

The AMS said that such behaviour not only undermines what (the country) has already achieved but also sends wrong signals to the rest of the general public to follow suit.

"If we continue to behave irresponsibly in this way, another wave of COVID-19 will be inevitable. We all should understand that this will be the last nail on the coffin of an already battered economy of the country," the AMS said in a statement on Friday (22).

While welcoming and endorsing all measures taken by the government to step up border restrictions, teh AMS implored all citizens of the country, all opposition parties and other organisations politically inclined or otherwise to join hands to see an end to the pandemic with responsible behavior during this critical period.