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Minister of Justice Ali Sabry PC said that he doesn't intend to amend or repeal the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance.

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday (25), the Justice Minister reiterated that no changes would be made to the Ordinance as long as held the portfolio of Justice.

He noted that allegations were levelled against him from various quarters of comparing that Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance to a personal law and had equated it to the Muslim Marriages and Divorces Act (MMDA.)

He said that Sri Lanka was a country that was based on the Buddhist civilization and questioned whether he could amend laws that went against the traditional rights of the Sinhala Buddhist people of this country.

“We have no intention of touching the Buddhist Temporalities Act. We haven't even dreamt of it. This is a country with a history of 2500 years, based on Buddhist civilization. Can I bring laws against the traditional rights of the Sinhala Buddhist people in this country? I’m not that stupid, I’m a President Counsel and I have a knowledge regarding the laws. I cannot bring reforms alone," he said.

He further said that they have already taken measures to ban the burqa and to make amendments to the MMDA.