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A government minister who has recovered after being infected with the coronavirus warned that Covid-19 infections were now out of control and has spread across the island.

This alarming revelation comes in the backdrop of Sri Lanka reopening its borders for tourists. 

"Today, we know that Covid-19 infections has spread uncontrollably across the country. 140436947 10158726637973080 1998757757217032373 nThe government is not in a position to admit all Covid patients to quarantine centers. ” -  State Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara
State Minister of Batik, Handloom and Local Apparel Products Dayasiri Jayasekara made this statement on his official Facebook account after being discharged from a quarantine center.

He appealed to the public to be mindful and to stay away from their family members, self-quarantine and inform the nearest Public Health Inspector (PHI) if any of them have symptoms such as fever, cold, cough or loss of taste.
"We have the potential to control this to a certain extent by accepting responsibility," he said.
Home quarantine
State Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara pointed out that providing quarantine facilities to all these people will not be an easy task specially at a time when the government hopes to repatriate more than 60,000 Sri Lankans in the future. 
He said that the government should look into directing people with mild symptoms to a 14-day home-quarantine if there is a separate room with adequate washroom facilities at their respective residences. 
"My feeling as a person that contracted the virus is that there is no other option apart from this," he said.

Jayasekara also called on the public to fulfill their civic responsibilities by adhering to health guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks until a vaccine is introduced. 
According to the Department of Government Information, the total number of Covid-19 infections in the country as at 9.45 pm on January 20, 2021 was 55,189. The total number of deaths has spiraled to 274.
Meanwhile, 47215 patients who had contracted the virus have been discharged from hospitals while 7700 patients are still receiving treatment.

Sri Lanka fully reopened its borders to tourists and international arrivals from all countries on Thursday (21).

Rajiv Sooriyaarachchi, Vice Chairman of Airport and Aviation Services told reporters that the airport will be open to tourists under three categories, adding that all tours will be conducted in accordance with strict health guidelines.